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{ EF #11 } Outfit Of The Day


Absolutely this english friday theme is mine. I’d like to capture My Outfit Of The Day ( OOTD ) and usually I shared my OOTD pictures in my Instagram and Path. Sorry for my narcism.

Hijab : Rashawl | Top : H & M | Pants : The Executive | Watch : Expedition | Shoes : Lower East Side

I like simple outfit and almost without accessories. I often wear flatshoes since my first pregnancy. Speaking about Watch, i like a sporty and big watch ( but not “jengkol” watch :p ). I don’t like small and girly watch because i dont think it match for me. Last, i will lose my confidence just because i forget to wear watch *sounds lebay, uh?*

So guys, how do i look? *kemudian dilempar kertas rame-rame* 


38 Responses to { EF #11 } Outfit Of The Day

  1. hi mami yeye,another comment.. dari aq ya #salamanlagi 🙂
    cool, matching n sporty… keren dah pokoke… brand emg g bs boong :p

  2. tjakeeepppppp …. ;))

  3. Cakep mak….. Anak2 hijabi keren2 fashionnya ^^
    Itu dah kurusan ya :O

  4. You always look great Ye..
    Inlove your style

  5. Simple yet chic and gorgeous. Oh, I think time is the most valuable thing for you–as you couldn’t go anywhere without your watch! But may I know what is a “jengkol watch”? :hehe.

  6. pasti koleksi jam tangan yeye banyak nih. Sekarang aku malah gak pernah pake jam sejak punya anak.

  7. Look’s like ABG kinyis2 mbak ye xixixixi

  8. You look so good, Mbak.. Kayak anak kuliahan. Hihihi 😛

  9. auranya beda ya, yg udah biasa bahas fashion / lifestyle… itu brand-brand-nya ga ada yg tau sayah… hahaha

  10. You look good and pretty as always Mba Yeyeee 😀

  11. As olweis you look fabyeles.. Gaya lu oke banget Ye. Effortlessly chic.

  12. Simple tapi stylish, Mbak Yeye 🙂
    Aku juga suka sama jam tangan yang sporty. Jadi berasa kayak keren aja gitu 😛

  13. simple but stylish ye…
    Ini foto kapan yeee…? Sebelum hamil millie deh pasti…? *ga terima temennya langsing*

  14. You do look great Yeyeee… ihiiiw uda langsing ajah *lirik kaca*

  15. u look… ummm… mmmm…hmmm…


Terima kasih atas komen nya ^.^

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